A lot of people who do the sort of thing I do seem to make youtube videos. I'm no good at video editing, and unless I have someone there to film me, I can only imagine it would take a whole lot longer to film a build than just to do it.

However, I think other people's build processes are interesting, and I wanted to document my own, so I started taking pictures as I went, and tweeting them. Here is a list of the livetweet threads I've done so far; click on the links to see them on twitter- you don't need a twitter account to do this.

Building a tray storage unit

Building a unit to house IKEA trofast storage trays.

Stretchy dress alteration

Altering a dress found in a charity shop to fit me.

Milling machine stand reinforcement

Reinforcing the milling machine stand I fabricated so it wobbles less.

Hexagonal manacle build

Building some hexagonal manacles from steel flat bar.

New light for welding table

Fabricating a fancy steel light for my welding table.