Pronouns, Identities, Tags, Patches

I started making my steel identity tags sometime around May. Shortly after that, I started selling them at London's Queer Fayre, as well as a few kink events, and on Etsy. They've since become my most popular items, particularly the pronoun tags, which has been tremendously gratifying. it's really cool that something I made can become a core part of someone's identity.


Towards the end of last year, I realised that while steel is great, it's not the only thing one can put words on. I bought myself an embroidery machine, and started playing with it. Enter: Patches.

Rather less understated, it's true, and not quite as original, but I've been very pleased with the way they're coming out, and they're a lot more colourful than steel. They're a little less hands on than I normally like my products- it's a matter of programming the embroidery machine, loading up the fabric, and pressing the start button, which is not a particularly enjoyable process, but it is efficient, and I do love efficiency.

Head on over to the Etsy Shop if you'd like some. I can put everything I can put onto a tag onto a patch, plus I can do fancy colours!